How To Wear Reusable Masks with Loop


Here are a few tips to make sure you know how to properly wear a Kaas Health reusable mask. It’s important to wear a reusable face covers correctly so that you protect those around you. At Kaas Tailored we worked with the medical community at Providence to design our face masks for safety and comfort. If you’ve purchased our disposable face masks here’s a quick guide for how to wear them correctly. 

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Step 1: Wash Your Hands Before Handling your Face Mask

It may go without saying, but before handling your face mask, be sure your hands are clean, either washing them or using hand sanitizer. The last thing you want to do is contaminate your mask right before you put it on your face. Also, make sure to have a fresh, clean mask! 

wash hands before wearing mask

Step 2. Locate the Top and Bottom of your Disposable Face Mask

The bottom of our Kaas Tailored reusable loop design is simple when you know what to look for. See how the ties are at the bottom? That is how you know which way is the bottom of the mask.

Step 3: Locate the Front and Back Side of your Reusable Face Mask

Our Kaas Tailored face masks are designed to fit snuggly and comfortably around your nose. To determine which side faces out and which side faces in look at the shingle pattern and imagine the water is running over the shingles. The outward-facing side is the side water would run off, the inward side would collect the water. When you put it on correctly, it will fit comfortably around your nose.



Step 4: Comfortably Secure your Reusable Face Mask Using Elastic Loops

Now that you’ve located the top, bottom, back, and front of your mask put on your face, making sure it fits both snuggly and comfortably. You can secure in place using the ties, and tie in place at the back of your head. Make sure you're comfortable because you’ll be wearing this mask for the day, and the more comfortable the fit, the less likely you are to mess with it (causing contamination) or take it off. Some people find tying the top loops more tightly, and the bottom lops a little more loosely allows for a better fit.

Time to wash your reusable mask!

When it’s time to remove your reusable face mask, remember it’s now contaminated. Remove carefully, only touching the ties to avoid further contamination, then dispose of in the proper waste container. These reusable masks aren’t recyclable. Help protect everyone by ensuring it is disposed of in a way that won’t put others (like sanitation workers) at risk. This might mean sealing it in a bag before throwing it away, or your work may provide a safe way to dispose of used masks. Then wash your hands! 




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Remember: Don't Touch Your Face Mask When Wearing  

It may be tempting to touch your face mask throughout the day, but try not to. You don't want to contaminate your face mask or your hands. This is why it’s important to spend the time fitting in your face mask snugly and comfortably in place when you first put it on. If you need to adjust it throughout the day, wash your hands, adjust, and then wash your hands again.


FAQ’s About Disposable Face Masks

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Disposable Face Mask?

When your mask begins to feel moist, it’s time to replace it. If your mask becomes contaminated, replace it immediately. We’ve noticed that during an average shift, people who have a more physical job may have to replace their masks more often, than those who sit at a desk. We live in a fairly humid area, and we’ve noticed that this also affects how frequently we need to change our masks.

How Do I Wear a Face Mask With a Beard?

If you have a beard all the same rules apply. Our masks might even be more comfortable for those with beards, as the adjustable ties along with the shingle design will allow a snug and comfortable fit.

How Do I Wear a Face Mask With Glasses?

The struggle is real. We’ve found that pulling your face mask a little higher on your nose, then setting your glasses over your face mask helps lessen the fog and condensation.

Disclaimer: Please note the information listed in this article is not intended as medical advice. The CDC recommends the use of face masks to reduce the spread of COVID19. 

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