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Orders start to ship within 10 business days.

Our factory in Mulkiteo Wa, is able to produce and deliver 100s of thousands of units of PPE each week. We are just north of Seattle, right next to Payne field airport, allows for quick processing time and shipping times.

Because we are a just in time (JIT) / kaizen based factory, we are able to produce low minimum order quantities (MOQ) as low as 24 units per case.

Designed in partnership with Providence St. Joseph's Health

Together we developed these product design and manufacturing for healthcare professionals. Now, we are able to make these and other items available to additional medical caregivers and the community.

Universal fit (Why Tie)

Early studies have shown that a more universal fit via a tie is more adjustable than the elastic, which can often be too small or two big. Making it uncomfortable to wear or not tight enough for full effectiveness.

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