About Us

About Us:

We are a 45 year old manufacturing facility located in Mukilteo, Washington. Historically, the factory has produced upholstery solutions and design services. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we responded to the need from Providence St. Joseph’s Health and Services, a local hospital network, to their need for face masks and face shields. Within 3 days, our upholstery solutions factory, retooled to help with this need. Thus, Kaas Health was created.

Why Kaas Health?

We always want to be good neighbors. In the beginning, we had no clue what the 2020 year would hold. What we did know was that there was a need, in the medical community, that our team could help with. Many have asked, “How do you go from making furniture to face masks?” We respond with sharing how our culture of continuous improvement was what aloud us to make the change, quickly and safely.

What is a culture of continuous improvement?

In 1998, after an introduction from Boeing, Kaas Tailored began our journey with lean. Our team was challenged to learn to reduce waste in the good times, so that when hard times came, we’d be ready.

We are a teaching factory. We choose to share what we’ve learned about Kaizen and other continuous improvement principles with other businesses and organizations through our Kaas Waste Tour which we host in our living, breathing manufacturing facility in Mukilteo, Washington.

Our Values

By living our values, we create space for collaboration and innovation; promoting deep learning for colleagues, clients, and guests so that their light may shine for all to see.

  • We know and show the truth. We know and show the truth by implementing our work plans in accordance with the laws of nature to influence desired outcomes.
  • Best for our best. We treasure the opportunity to use our talent to make a meaningful impact; inspired to give our best for our best – people and organizations who value our collective efforts.
  • Improve everyday. We understand waste is ever-present and can only be reduced by taking action to improve every day.
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